Christopher John Rogers Collection 012

Event:Resort 2024 Show

Date:  April 22, 2023 at 8:00pm EST
Location: Agger Fish Building, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Live Streaming: NO

Camera: Sony FX6 Full Frame Cinema Camera

Dynamic Support: 1x Crane

Fashion designer Christopher John Rogers known for dressing some of the biggest celebrities and creating staple pieces with bright colors, bold prints and texture play that marries drama, debuted his ‘Resort 2024’ Collection 012 at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Rogers said, “Authenticity throughout my design process is paramount for me — whether I’m creating something more pragmatic and straightforward, or something more declarative and forward-thinking. Making an impact through communicating nuanced stories via my work and choosing to honor my multiplicities as a designer and creative is the most exciting thing to me right now. I’m thrilled to collaborate with DIAGEO and its brands as they toast to multi-hyphenated creators who are driving change and breaking barriers through fashion and beyond.

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