Founded in 2001 Mediakite is a dynamic full-service video, commercial and brand media production company headquartered in New York. Additional teams are in Los Angeles, Miami and nationwide.

Global Reach
Mediakite has been involved in film and video productions in over 40 countries.

Full-service film and video production house and content provider. Mediakite offers every aspect of film and video production assistance for broadcast news, documentaries, commercials, fashion shoots, corporate shoots, TV shows, non-scripted TV shows, animations, music videos, aerial photography, live streaming, satellite transmission and studio recording. Extensive experience in all aspects of video, film and television production including but not limited to planning, budgeting, pre-production, location scouting, permits, staffing, casting, insurance, equipment rental and travel.

Mediakite has the combined capabilities and cutting edge technology of a video production company, an advertising agency, and post-production house.

We work with clients big and small all over the world. We have a solid network of skilled professionals to create video productions and obtain locations not only in the United States, but globally as well.

Mediakite has collaborated with companies such as Netflix, Amazon, BBC, AP, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Phillips, Parsons and many other international brands and fashion labels.

Clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with:

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