The Ferragnez

Title: The Ferragnez La Serie – Season 2 Amazon Prime Video

Client: Banijay Italy

Date: Apr 2022

Location: New York, NY; Los Angeles California

Camera: Sony FX6 Full Frame Cinema

Lenses: Sony GM

For the second season of the popular Amazon Prime TV show, The Ferragnez, the producers at Banijay made the decision to engage Mediakite for all the California and NYC segments of the show. With their exceptional local support and the delivery of outstanding 4K video footage, Mediakite demonstrated a dynamic approach that once again surpassed the highest client expectations. Mediakite offered bilingual local producers who facilitated the location scouting and permit acquisition process. With a team of talented Director of Photography, video camera operators, sound engineers, and crew members, Mediakite ensured a seamless production, backed by comprehensive logistic support.

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