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Mediakite at the Cannes Film Festival  Mediakite at the Venice Film Festival   Mediakite at the Toronto International Film Festival    Mediakite at the Berlin International Film Festival

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Mediakite is an award-winning documentary film production company based in New York. The company has over the years set itself high standards by combining production experience, highly creative talents, and the use of new technologies.

Mediakite’s films have won several major award in broadcast journalism, including Emmys, Diaspora Awards, AACTA Award, César Award and Writers Guild Awards. Mediakite is committed to impact storytelling, high production values and honest reporting.

We have been working as production partner and service for hundreds of documentary films all over the world.

Our film has been shown in some of the most important Film Festival around the world including multiple times at the Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival and the TIFF Toronto International Film Festival.

Mediakite: Content provider for PBS  Mediakite: Content provider for National Geographic  Mediakite: Content provider for RAI  Mediakite: Content provider for Discover Channel  Mediakite: Content provider for BBC

We’ve created original content for prominent broadcasters, arts organizations and businesses, including PBS, National Geographic, RAI, the Sundance Channel, Discovery Channel, WDR, ARTE, BBC.