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Mediakite is a full support video production service and commercial production company based in New York that strives to support the professional film industry, creating high-end commercial, fashion, corporate, and branded content. We are proud to work with high-end agencies and production companies, providing our talented directors, directors of photography, producers, crew members and talents to some of the top projects in NYC and the US. We strive to create amazing video content hassle-free for some of the top agencies, fashion houses, and non-profit organizations in the United States, Europe and all over the world.

Mediakite Corporate Commercial client Apple   Mediakite Corporate Commercial client Gucci  Mediakite Corporate Commercial client Redbull   Mediakite Corporate Commercial client Louis Vuitton  Mediakite Corporate Commercial client Maserati

Our office is located in North Chelsea, central Manhattan, near Penn Station with easy access to all the film industry’s major resources in the city. We established a network of contacts in order to facilitate any production from film permits to aerial photography, from event venues to recording studios, including insurance requirements, payroll services, crew members, transportation, actors, models, catering, desk support, concierge, travel and accommodations. In addition to operating as a full-service production company, we have accounts with all the major NYC and US rental houses along with a wide network of professionals on the east and west coasts who can accommodate any type of production. We approach every client as a partner; every project presents the challenge of building a long lasting relationship.

Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client Microsoft  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client Chanel  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client Rayban  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client Verizon  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client Google

Our team of directors, cinematographers, camera operators, steadicam operators, jimmy-jib and crane operators, grips, gaffers, engineers and producers have a long record of experience with commercials, fashion projects, corporate films and music videos. Resume and reel available upon request. We approach every project by ensuring that we understand the ideas and vision of our clients and by trying to improve them through the resources available in our community. We provide research, location scouting, storyboards, casting, permits, insurance, transportation, full gear, and full office and logistic support.

Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client: Canon  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client: Zegna  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client: G-Star  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client: Prada  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client: TMobile  Mediakite Corporate Commercial Client: Luxotica

We have two fully equipped state-of-the-art post-production suites in our office along with multiple fly-case portable editing systems. From our facility we can receive and deliver footage over our high-speed fiber optic network for client remote supervision and approval. Post-production services include editing, visual effects, CGI, SFX, animation, sound design/mixing, and color correction.

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